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Research Overview

My research is situated at the intersections of composition theories and pedagogies and feminist-disability studies. Broadly speaking, I am interested in studying and developing accessible communication practices. To explore this topic, I turn to a variety of kairotic spaces: from the FYC classroom to the doctor's office. Because of this, my work spans a range of subfields, such as the following: 

Upcoming conference presentations

Please join me at CCCC where I will be presenting on the panel Pedagogical Interventions through an Abundance of Access on Thursday, April 4th at 3:15 pm. My talk is titled "Active and Accessible? A Qualitative Study of Disabled FYC Writers' Experiences with Active Learning Pedagogies."

Poster for 2024 CCCC conference

Please join me at this year's Writing & Wellbeing Conference at the University of Arizona where I will be presenting on the panel Writing While Crip: The Well-being of Writing Professors with Disabilities, date TBD

Poster for 4th Annual Writing & Wellbeing Conference

To learn more about my research, please explore the subpages available on the navigation bar and below: